2017 Toyota Supra - Powerful Sport Car

2017 Toyota Supra – Powerful Sport Car

2017 Toyota Supra – Powerful Sport Car ~ One of the Japan’s iconic sport car is scheduled to return to market, the 2017 Toyota Supra. After almost two decades Toyota Supra was disappeared from the right. Toyota itself was planning to release the newest version a few years ago but that plan was not completed. This year will finally be the year that witness the official release of F-1 inspired sport car from Toyota. This car has even been listed in the “greater enthusiasts car” of this decade. The photos of the prototype have been widely spread on the internet showing how big of attention that this car already receives. Let’s take a look closer at this futuristic sport car.

2017 Toyota Supra - Powerful Sport Car
2017 Toyota Supra – Powerful Sport Car

This two door sport car was actually Toyota’s respond to Datsun Z car. Apparently, the previous series was a huge success and so will the newest series. September 2016 was the first time its prototype made a surface. It hit the street on a test drive event. Hundreds of photos of it have made many people more enthusiasts.

#2017 Toyota Supra F-1 Inspired Car

The first thing from this car that catches the attention is its exterior. It is not a usual sport car. Instead, it is a F-1 inspired sport car. Yes, it is easy to tell how the car has similar look to Toyota F-1 car. Of course, it is a great feature that none of car enthusiasts will reject. Form the pictures taken of the prototype; this car has the signature nose of F-1 car at the front. It is certainly an awesome concept. The car’s front design is also supported with slender headlamps and toned-down split intake which is inspired by the GT86 car. It doesn’t only adopt the F-1 car design but also makes some adjustment as well. For instance, the smaller mounted spoiler that is located close to trunk lid will replace the pop-up spoiler. There is possibility of wing added because it has not been a final decision yet.

Furthermore, it will also have pair of skinny headlights just like what the F-1 car has although it will not be too extreme. Instead of integrating large exhaust pipe into the bumper, Toyota Supra will have exit through the big cut outs that are located at each corner. Shortly said, this car will not fail adopting the main exterior features from F-1 car.

#2017 Toyota Supra Unique Interior

Let’s move inside the cabin to see how sophisticated it will be. Gladly, Toyota has designed unique interior successfully. It is easy to tell that Toyota will offer high quality leather for the seat and a variety of advanced safety and entertainment features. The steering wheel and instrument cluster will be pretty convincing. Toyota itself has always been focused on the luxury and convenience in terms of interior design because it influences how the passengers feel being inside the car.

#2017 Toyota Supra Convincing Drivetrain

F-1 inspired exterior design and luxury interior design will be complemented with powerful drivetrain. Although there has not been official announcement from Toyota but it will be satisfying of course. Toyota will definitely choose turbocharged engine with four or six cylinder. And, Toyota will also offer the hybrid version with V-6 hybrid drivetrain from Lexus. The rumor regarding V-6 hybrid system is pretty convincing considering the latest prototype caught on the street has the typical roar of V-6 hybrid engine. It is also supported with the fact of the whirring sound that can be heard during acceleration. This engine has already been used by Lexus car and has been proven powerful. It can even produce up to 400 horsepower.

With this car will be on the market starting from October 2017, it will be a strong competitor for other cars in its class including the 2016 Honda Acura NSX.

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