The Tragedy of Chapecoense Football Team Plane Crash

Football team plane crash had happened on 2016. The plane brought a football team which came from Brazil. It is a big tragedy that has ever happened. The victims are so many. It includes 50 players of the football team with the coaches. The staffs that were also in that tragedy are dead. This is one of the saddest tragedies that are recorded by the world. Many citizens were in sorrow. There are also some reactions coming from the other citizens on Colombia about this tragedy. The tragedy happened because there was electrical problem in the plane. For more information, you can visit the page of Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team.

The next information about this tragedy is about the victims who are still alive. One of them is Alan Ruschel who plays as the defender. He injured his pain so he need to be hospitalized. There are only some of the passengers who are safe from the tragedy. It includes the keeper of Danilo and Jackson Follman. Unfortunately, Danilo has also passed away some moments after he was being rescued. This Football team plane crash happened when the football team wanted to attend the final round of Copa Sudamericana. As the solidarity action, the competition is cancelled by the committee.

The last updated information, there is also a passenger from the plane who was safe from the accident. He is Helio Zampier who was found on the area of the accident. Fortunately, the plane was falling down on the familiar are. It is not categorized as the remote area, so that the evacuation is easy to do. This article may help you to get better information about the Brazil Football team plane crash. And the last information about the total victims who are dead is about 76 persons.

Finding Some Football Team Nicknames in United Kingdom

Football team nicknames can be the way of you to remember the teams better than the long name. It comes from the fans that sometimes make it based on the logo or even the performance of the team that they know. In this article, there will be some nicknames of football team coming from United Kingdom. The first one is Charlton Athletic. Charlton Athletic is a football team with the nickname of Addicks. It comes from the word ‘haddocks’ which becomes the icon of local fish of the origin. In Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team page, there is more additional information that you can get about this nickname.

The next one is the Bees. It is a nickname for Basildon team because the colour of the home strips. Many nicknames are also gotten from the color domination for the logo and jersey of the team. As the example, the nickname of ‘Blue’ is used for many kinds of team. The teams include Birmingham City, Chelsea, Southend United, Everton, and many other else. The Football team nicknames Newcastle Town Football Club is simple. It only takes ‘castle’ as the familiar nickname to use. The Bournemouth team has gotten the nickname as ‘Cherries’. It is because their stadium on cherry tree orchard.

The Manchester City gets the nickname based on the name of the team also. The nickname is ‘Citizen’ from the word city. The Fullham team has a nickname of ‘Cottagers’. It comes from the club’s ground, the Craven Cottage. There is also a nickname ‘Eagles’. It is for Crystal Palace team or the nickname of Benfica. The last nickname you may know in this article is ‘Lambs’ for Tamworth team. Actually, there are still many nicknames you can find. You only need to search and remember the Football team nicknames

Some Popular Football Teams in London

Football teams in London are very much popular. The teams are well known not only inside the country but also in international views. In this article, we will discuss about some popular football teams coming from London. The first team is the Tottenham Hotspur football club. It is one of the best teams in London and well known by public. This football team is established on 1882. Many champions were won by the team including the UEFA league on 1963. This is one of great league where many potential teams join. For the more information, you may seek for the page of Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team.

The next team is Arsenal football team. It is also one of London football team which is very popular. It has a canon on logo and it is known well by people. The logo symbolizes that the team has always been prepared with their canon. The canon means the weapon that can attack other team with their performance. The other Football teams in London that you need to know are Chelsea football team and West Ham United football team. Chelsea football team was established on 1905. This team gets its first trophy on 1955.

Talking about West Ham United football team, the team was established on 1895. There are many achievements has been gotten by the team. The other names for this West Ham United football team are the iron and also the hammers. The team has its own stadium on London. The capacity of the stadium is 80.000 people. So, everyone is very welcome to watch the league there. There are some other teams that you can search as the popular teams in London. There are Fullham football club, Leyton Orient, and many other else as the part of Football teams in London

Knowing Some Meanings of Football Team Logos

Football team logos are very much meaningful to represent the identity of the team. Every football team will have their own characteristic on the logo so that it can be memorable for the fans. The logos also help the team to be more popular and well known by the people especially if the team has good achievements on their period. For better information, you may visit Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team page. In this article, we will discuss some logos of some popular football team, so that we can learn the identity of the member of the football team itself.

The first one is Manchester United. The logo of Manchester United football team is Red Devil. It means the team is ready to burn every single rival to fight for the winning of competition. The color of red shows the public that Manchester United is on fire and they are very much brave. With the logo, many people are familiar with Manchester United football team because it is unique and different from other teams. The other Football team logos which are familiar to know are Everton and also Westham United. It has a tower symbol which represents the great unity of defense from the other team attack.

The next logo which will be discussed in this article is Arsenal football club. Arsenal has a logo of canon. The canon represents the weapon that the team uses to attack the other teams. It shows how strong the team because they have prepared the weapon as well as their performance on competition. So, getting the meaning of football team logos is very much important. You may know Football team logos to choose the best idol for football team based on your taste. To know more about more logos, you may find more sources to read

Knowing Some Popular Football Team Names

Football team names are usually known well by the fans. It is easy to recognize some popular team names in football team. In this article, you may see some best football team name based on the achievement they can get during the league. The first one is Manchester United. It is one of the popular football teams that you need to know. The team comes from England and it is the best team which can win many competitions since it is established on 1878. You can also see more explanation on Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team.

The next team that you need to know is Chelsea. This is also a football team comes from England, London. This team is also able to compete with other popular football team. The team has won some great leagues. Chelsea is one of Football team names which is led by Roman Abramovich since 2003. You may see the popularity of this team especially in every big league in international range. Other teams you can know better is Liverpool football club. It is also a great team comes from England. Many of teams from England, London, are great in performances.

Liverpool team is very much great to give many trophies for their fans. The brilliant period for the team was on 1970 up to 1980. Many football players are great to work in team winning the competition. This team has ever been in hard period of competition. The biggest rival of this team in that period are Everton team and also Manchester United. So, there are many great and popular football team names you may know here. The other ones are like the Arsenal football club, Tottenham Hotspur football club, and Manchester City football club. You may search more information about Football team names if you want to know more