Finding Some Football Team Nicknames in United Kingdom

Football team nicknames can be the way of you to remember the teams better than the long name. It comes from the fans that sometimes make it based on the logo or even the performance of the team that they know. In this article, there will be some nicknames of football team coming from United Kingdom. The first one is Charlton Athletic. Charlton Athletic is a football team with the nickname of Addicks. It comes from the word ‘haddocks’ which becomes the icon of local fish of the origin. In Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team page, there is more additional information that you can get about this nickname.

The next one is the Bees. It is a nickname for Basildon team because the colour of the home strips. Many nicknames are also gotten from the color domination for the logo and jersey of the team. As the example, the nickname of ‘Blue’ is used for many kinds of team. The teams include Birmingham City, Chelsea, Southend United, Everton, and many other else. The Football team nicknames Newcastle Town Football Club is simple. It only takes ‘castle’ as the familiar nickname to use. The Bournemouth team has gotten the nickname as ‘Cherries’. It is because their stadium on cherry tree orchard.

The Manchester City gets the nickname based on the name of the team also. The nickname is ‘Citizen’ from the word city. The Fullham team has a nickname of ‘Cottagers’. It comes from the club’s ground, the Craven Cottage. There is also a nickname ‘Eagles’. It is for Crystal Palace team or the nickname of Benfica. The last nickname you may know in this article is ‘Lambs’ for Tamworth team. Actually, there are still many nicknames you can find. You only need to search and remember the Football team nicknames

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