Some Popular Football Teams in London

Football teams in London are very much popular. The teams are well known not only inside the country but also in international views. In this article, we will discuss about some popular football teams coming from London. The first team is the Tottenham Hotspur football club. It is one of the best teams in London and well known by public. This football team is established on 1882. Many champions were won by the team including the UEFA league on 1963. This is one of great league where many potential teams join. For the more information, you may seek for the page of Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team.

The next team is Arsenal football team. It is also one of London football team which is very popular. It has a canon on logo and it is known well by people. The logo symbolizes that the team has always been prepared with their canon. The canon means the weapon that can attack other team with their performance. The other Football teams in London that you need to know are Chelsea football team and West Ham United football team. Chelsea football team was established on 1905. This team gets its first trophy on 1955.

Talking about West Ham United football team, the team was established on 1895. There are many achievements has been gotten by the team. The other names for this West Ham United football team are the iron and also the hammers. The team has its own stadium on London. The capacity of the stadium is 80.000 people. So, everyone is very welcome to watch the league there. There are some other teams that you can search as the popular teams in London. There are Fullham football club, Leyton Orient, and many other else as the part of Football teams in London

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