The Tragedy of Chapecoense Football Team Plane Crash

Football team plane crash had happened on 2016. The plane brought a football team which came from Brazil. It is a big tragedy that has ever happened. The victims are so many. It includes 50 players of the football team with the coaches. The staffs that were also in that tragedy are dead. This is one of the saddest tragedies that are recorded by the world. Many citizens were in sorrow. There are also some reactions coming from the other citizens on Colombia about this tragedy. The tragedy happened because there was electrical problem in the plane. For more information, you can visit the page of Saginaw Sting / Indoor Football Team.

The next information about this tragedy is about the victims who are still alive. One of them is Alan Ruschel who plays as the defender. He injured his pain so he need to be hospitalized. There are only some of the passengers who are safe from the tragedy. It includes the keeper of Danilo and Jackson Follman. Unfortunately, Danilo has also passed away some moments after he was being rescued. This Football team plane crash happened when the football team wanted to attend the final round of Copa Sudamericana. As the solidarity action, the competition is cancelled by the committee.

The last updated information, there is also a passenger from the plane who was safe from the accident. He is Helio Zampier who was found on the area of the accident. Fortunately, the plane was falling down on the familiar are. It is not categorized as the remote area, so that the evacuation is easy to do. This article may help you to get better information about the Brazil Football team plane crash. And the last information about the total victims who are dead is about 76 persons.

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